The Ipswich Trail Run Series returns for 2018 and aims to again highlight some of our regions most beautiful, iconic and accessible Natural Landscapes, Nature Refuges and Conversation Areas, whilst also providing a platform for family, community and athletic engagement in our South East Queensland Great Outdoors.

The series provides options for participating in 1, 2 or all 3 rounds.

Those who rise to the challenge of taking on the full series are additionally rewarded and acknowledged, receiving our official 2018 Trail Run Series Running Mesh T-Shirts.

All events provide:

  • Free Kids events and free community walks at all Trail Run event locations
  • Community involvement to promote Ipswich and its various attractions
  • 3 Spectacular locations showcasing outdoor spaces for the public to enjoy

WHITE ROCK CONSERVATION PARK, Round 1 – 21 January, 2018

The estate contains 624 flora and 159 fauna species as well as habitat for five threatened flora and three fauna species.

HIDDEN VALE ADVENTURE PARK, Round 2 – 11 February, 2018

A 12000 acre Nature Refuge property, complete with Koala sanctuary, and a world class Trail Run and World class MTB Trail network.


From culture-rich mining heritage discover the Reserves historical significance, take a walk along the Lewis Thomas Historical Trail. Explore the coal mining history of the reserve as you pass open mine tunnels, hand-dug mine shafts and relics of the imposing three storey “Castle” which once towered over Blackstone.

2017 Round 1 Video

ITRS 2017 Rd 2 – White Rock

ITRS 2017 Final – HVAP

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